Stop frame animation using a sequence of photos has been my recent obsession. Coming to the realisation that I’m getting a bit creaky to be the one trying to fly, I have enlisted the scarf which came with me to Venice, and attempted to create a fantasy of an otherworldly presence.


This is a link to a higher resolution video- but I think it looks grainy unless you play it small.

There are no tricks, it’s  just me with a scarf and a camera on a tripod in Battersea Park. While I was making the sequence I got some curious customers including a man who wanted his portrait taken and commentary off a guy on a bike with a mask on who cycled past me and rang the bell. Several people offered to help!


Despite my comments on creaky joints, I ended up working off the morning chill with a jumping sequence anyway. I couldn’t resist it!IMG_1515IMG_1584_ee

One day, when they’ve made a teletransporter that doesn’t scramble you into a million pieces when you get reassembled, I’ll be able to invite everyone to visit my show, even if they live a million miles away… In the meantime, here’s some photos and a video. The weird cracking noise on the video is my knee- too much jumping around on concrete I think! I absolutely love the sound of the piano which transformed the space into a performance venue and changed the viewing of the work into a piece of drama.


Click on this picture below to view a video we made of the show, with the piano playing on its own.

And here’s a picture of me looking pleased!

After quite a long process of obsessively carving dancing dresses, I’ve finally put the sequences together! There was quite a lot of photoshop editing and blending images involved, and I got very frustrated at spending long hours in front of the computer: at heart I like to use my hands and get them dirty, not poke a keyboard with soft clean fingers!

However, the dress has come to life, and I’ve called the piece “Shift”.

The music is by Mordant Music.

Have a look here:


Click on the picture above to go to youtube video of Costanza with music by Mordant Music… Costanza’s feet resemble fluttering moths batting against a pane of light.

Click on the dress or on the following link to see the 3 second dress test. It has been an interesting and slow process making intermediate frames from the 40 linocuts that I’ve made over the past year. I’ve made over 1000 frames. The final piece needs music and some poetic timing, but it’s almost done, hooray! Test animation ghost dress