One day, when they’ve made a teletransporter that doesn’t scramble you into a million pieces when you get reassembled, I’ll be able to invite everyone to visit my show, even if they live a million miles away… In the meantime, here’s some photos and a video. The weird cracking noise on the video is my knee- too much jumping around on concrete I think! I absolutely love the sound of the piano which transformed the space into a performance venue and changed the viewing of the work into a piece of drama.


Click on this picture below to view a video we made of the show, with the piano playing on its own.

And here’s a picture of me looking pleased!

After quite a long process of obsessively carving dancing dresses, I’ve finally put the sequences together! There was quite a lot of photoshop editing and blending images involved, and I got very frustrated at spending long hours in front of the computer: at heart I like to use my hands and get them dirty, not poke a keyboard with soft clean fingers!

However, the dress has come to life, and I’ve called the piece “Shift”.

The music is by Mordant Music.

Have a look here:


Click on the picture above to go to youtube video of Costanza with music by Mordant Music… Costanza’s feet resemble fluttering moths batting against a pane of light.