One day, when they’ve made a teletransporter that doesn’t scramble you into a million pieces when you get reassembled, I’ll be able to invite everyone to visit my show, even if they live a million miles away… In the meantime, here’s some photos and a video. The weird cracking noise on the video is my knee- too much jumping around on concrete I think! I absolutely love the sound of the piano which transformed the space into a performance venue and changed the viewing of the work into a piece of drama.


Click on this picture below to view a video we made of the show, with the piano playing on its own.

And here’s a picture of me looking pleased!

Well, I thought it would be nice to make some prints that capture the feeling of a magical forest, much like parts of the glorious forest in Oregon that I’ve visited. For me these forests are always warm with dappled light; fronds and branches gently swaying; bark exuding a delicious resiny scent and crystals of sap that sparkle like diamonds.


So for my upcoming show, Beyond the Moon, in Aberystwyth, I thought I’d make work that conveys the atmosphere of this unending forest. Seeing as the gallery is large, I thought I’d make some ginormous prints! Each print is 2metres by 1.5 metres, and silkscreened by hand in  four sections onto Fabriano paper. The trees fit together but the mirrored trees feel more enchanted… I’m planning to silkscreen these also onto window film and install it on the doors to the gallery space.

Last week I met Andrew McPherson, the magnetic resonator piano guy, who is truly a master of amazing sound. His device makes a normal grand piano sound like a cross between something like a piano, organ and flute, with cyclical reverberations, and notes that hum from deep darkness. He’s keen to come to the gallery and respond to the prints during the installation process. This will be fed into the various devices attached to the piano, to make a customised loop of sound. I’m really looking forward to hearing more.

Show opens next Friday 23rd November at 7.30 pm. We’ll give a talk about the work on the Thursday night. For more information please contact the curator, Neil Holland, on

Will post more pictures and hopefully a video here soon!


In Ariosto’s epic poem “Orlando Furioso” from 1516, the moon is portrayed as a place where all things wasted on earth are kept and treasured: emotions and unreclaimable objects such as misspent time and carelessly managed wealth, unanswered prayers, broken promises, and unfulfilled desires and intentions.

From 23rd November to 8th February, I’ll be having a solo show of prints and animations in the Aberystwyth School of Art Gallery called Beyond the Moon. In this show, the way to the moon is paved by sleeping figures, and the disjuncture signified by a walk through a forest of endlessly repeating trees. This moon is full of ghostly presences, dream-like narratives and unclassifiable emotions.

Three animations: Lucid MaskShift and Costanza will be playing; and on the walls the masks will float and empty dresses will dance. To add to the atmosphere there will be a sound installation by Andrew McPherson involving electromagnets acting on the grand piano which is in the centre of the gallery. His proposed Magnetic Resonator Piano (MRP) creates notes that evolve continuously in time, including tones with indefinite sustain, crescendos from silence, pitch bends, harmonics and new timbres. For this show, the MRP will play continuously without a pianist, generating ever-shifting harmonies and timbres.

The opening party is the 23rd November, and I shall try to schedule a closing event too, sometime in late January. I know it is very far away, but it will be worth a visit!