What a busy month… I started off teaching Japanese woodblock in a beautiful castle of Montefiore conca which is in Rimini in eastern Italy.

The landscape was stunning and the students extremely hardworking and enthusiastic.

Then I flew out to the US to visit friends, sit in the sunshine and be a printmaking spod with happy printmakers from all over the north west coast. I started out in Seattle with Brian Lane’s studio Print Zero which is located in Seattle.

It is a friendly welcoming place with etching silkscreen and photography facilities. I sat and made a linocut about grafitti when I was there, and was fortunate to have my photo taken by Dan Carillo who is doing a beautiful series of photos with a large format camera onto glass plates. Have a look at his beautiful photos using wet plate collodion including this amazing one of me where I look like a freckled gypsy from the 19C



A couple of weeks later I went up to Vancouver BC where I gave a talk and the first screening of Lucid Mask, the animation, in a lovely gallery called Art Beatus.

The gallery was warm and welcoming and I had some good feedback on the piece as well as some much appreciated sales.

Then I was fortunate to spend a week in Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts in eastern Oregon working on developing a new series of prints.The landscape was stunning, golden yellows and lilac greys. On the way to the studio every day there were hawks whirling and floating above the fields and the light was fantastic.

I got really interested in the native american clothing as there were a few workshops going on that week focussing on beadwork of traditional buckskin dresses and horse regalia. It was a fun creative time making new work and experimenting with prints after finishing the animation.

In a week of intense printing I made 8 new prints. My favourite new press was the Ray Trales Press and my favourite inks were left overs from Wendy Red Star’s recent print project with Crow’s Shadow. I’m calling this the Shadow Dance series, but have yet to work out whether there are more to be made.

After then, I went straight from the desert to the sea and taught a class in woodblock in the beautiful Sitka Center for Arts and Ecology. The view of the Salmon river estuary as it meets the Pacific is such a glorious sight. This is from the Cascade head nature trail, about 45 minutes walk uphill from the Sitka Center itself.

Once again I had a class full of enthusiastic and talented students who really got into the process. Here are some of the prints that they made.

So all in all a very adventurous August, I am grateful to all those welcoming friends who helped me print along the way.