ImageSo, what happened to Costanza, the ghostly heroine of my moth movie? Well, I think all the publicity has driven her to find a quieter spot. The castle of Montefiore Conca in Rimini now only plays host to coastal winds, a spot of sun-kissed dust, and a few day trippers who climb the stone stairs to look for drama.

On my last trip to the castle, I wanted to explore another ghostly presence in this magnificent building, so I photographed my shirt dancing in the space. ImageOf course it’s all another fiction, compromised by my lack of fancy camera.

ImageNext I tried animating the gloriously echoing emperor’s chamber with a mysterious scarf.


IMG_8334_e IMG_8336_e


Then finally I thought a winged cape would be best for atmospheric ghostliness, which turned out to be the case.DSC_0131_e



I just wish I had better photography skills to do this project really well…


My stop-frame animation, Costanza , with music by Baron Mordant, has been selected for the 9th Berlin International Director’s Lounge, and will be screened on Monday 11th Feb at 8.30 pm. I wish I could go, as the programme looks full of exciting short films. Click on the following link to view the animation on youtube.

One day, when they’ve made a teletransporter that doesn’t scramble you into a million pieces when you get reassembled, I’ll be able to invite everyone to visit my show, even if they live a million miles away… In the meantime, here’s some photos and a video. The weird cracking noise on the video is my knee- too much jumping around on concrete I think! I absolutely love the sound of the piano which transformed the space into a performance venue and changed the viewing of the work into a piece of drama.


Click on this picture below to view a video we made of the show, with the piano playing on its own.

And here’s a picture of me looking pleased!


In Ariosto’s epic poem “Orlando Furioso” from 1516, the moon is portrayed as a place where all things wasted on earth are kept and treasured: emotions and unreclaimable objects such as misspent time and carelessly managed wealth, unanswered prayers, broken promises, and unfulfilled desires and intentions.

From 23rd November to 8th February, I’ll be having a solo show of prints and animations in the Aberystwyth School of Art Gallery called Beyond the Moon. In this show, the way to the moon is paved by sleeping figures, and the disjuncture signified by a walk through a forest of endlessly repeating trees. This moon is full of ghostly presences, dream-like narratives and unclassifiable emotions.

Three animations: Lucid MaskShift and Costanza will be playing; and on the walls the masks will float and empty dresses will dance. To add to the atmosphere there will be a sound installation by Andrew McPherson involving electromagnets acting on the grand piano which is in the centre of the gallery. His proposed Magnetic Resonator Piano (MRP) creates notes that evolve continuously in time, including tones with indefinite sustain, crescendos from silence, pitch bends, harmonics and new timbres. For this show, the MRP will play continuously without a pianist, generating ever-shifting harmonies and timbres.

The opening party is the 23rd November, and I shall try to schedule a closing event too, sometime in late January. I know it is very far away, but it will be worth a visit!



My solo show is up in Material Gallery, and looks really nice! This is a cosy shop in a cute market town called Ludlow, in the heart of Shropshire, that is gaining a well-deserved reputation for fantastic books and magazines on design, as well as printed works and design led gifts.

I am showing prints, books and animations from the past few years, and in this space the different series of works seem to talk to each other…

Three Sleeper prints from 2009 hang in the main room, next to my first lithograph, Tiger Twins; both series depict dream-like interactions between sleeping girls and fictional beasts.

The Tiger Twins print was made in Aberystwyth School of Art with Tamarind Master Printer Paul Croft, and subsequently metamorphosed into the inspiration for my series of linocuts called Devour, one of which became the cover of last year’s Orange fiction prize winner,”The Tiger’s Wife.” So it seemed appropriate to order in a few copies of The Tiger’s Wife and put my autotgraph inside!

The Tiger books sit next to a wall full of fish. These prints I made in 2002 when I was fresh back from Japan and working in Kent close to a koi carp farm. I gave all of these fish completely fanciful names, like Fatso Bubbles, Dragon Baby and Record Groove, and it was my first project in a print studio in the UK.

Tucked into the bookshelf of Tigers we hid a mini projector and made a tiny screen at eye level to show my animations. This was a good solution to finding a dark spot in the shop for a movie screen without compromising the lighting elsewhere.  Shift, Costanza, Lucid Mask,and Time Slice films play on a continuous loop. You can view all of these on youtube if you click on the links on each of their names.

In the show, there are three types of mask print: the Mask prints from 2008 in glowing silkscreened colours; the Lucid Mask animation from 2010, and Fractured Masks from my residency in Liverpool’s Bluecoat in the same year. I wanted to show prints which have not been shown much since I made them.

The work from past two years on ghostly clothing takes up a good portion of the back of the shop. There are Dancing Dresses and pieces from the Shadow Dance series, which depicted clothing from Native American archives in the late 19C.

Next to these, the latest pages from the book Swallow are pinned to the wall.

Talking of books, underneath the Dancing Dress prints are a selection of 14 of my smaller hand printed and laser copied books including many flip books and books with hidden pages and unusual folds.

The whole show has more than 40 prints, and runs until the 27th May. 131 Corve Street, Ludlow. Catch it if you can!



Click on the picture above to go to youtube video of Costanza with music by Mordant Music… Costanza’s feet resemble fluttering moths batting against a pane of light.

I have developed an unhealthy obsession with Costanza, the heroine of Malatestan medieval history, who was murdered after having a string of lovers in the 15C, and been trying to create a sequence of images of her ghost in the room where she lived in the castle of Montefiore Conca. Well, it isn’t her ghost, it is me jumping around like a cricket pretending to be a ghost, but at least it’s a start! I think I’ll be working on some better files, and making it smoother in the next few weeks. In the meantime, have a look!

The amazing Baron Mordant has made sound for the piece, (MMoth) which really fits in with the crashing fluttering moth-like feel to the jumps. I love it! Have a look at the latest version here: