His eyebrows are dark and round, like a moon shape, eyelashes straight like a cow. His ears are not a big ear, not a bat ear, people can hear anything sort of ear, no: he has normal size ears, with a lot of poodle hair. To me, he has never aged, he still looks young to me.

IMG_1123She has an oval face, and a few freckles, which are rather attractive. She walked very gracefully, and now, of course she has rosy cheeks and a lovely smile. She is still the most beautiful girl in the world.IMG_1126When I first met your mother, I knew I would marry her. I liked her because she wore no make up. I liked her simplicity, she didn’t wear lipstick or powder, nothing at all.IMG_0886 1I’m completely Chinese. Why this person can’t speak a word of Chinese can fancy me? He was not ugly, not good looking, ordinary sort of person. Not tall, quite okay.IMG_3850To me, she is the ideal woman. More or less I fell in love with her at first sight.IMG_3855He was university educated, that attracted me, nothing else.IMG_0045