This image is a collaboration I did with Paul Weaver (photographer) and Margaret Ashman (printmaker), where I was asked to sign the words to a passage in the Bible. Not really remembering enough sign language since my tiny part in Children of a Lesser God about 20 years ago, and dismayed by my lack of ability to make the word eagle look like an eagle and not a chicken, I turned to Youtube videos of enthusiastic American teenagers signing and singing Amazing Grace.

You can see the print series in the London Print Studio Members’ Summer Exhibition 27 Jun – 2 Aug

Jumping for Margaret

Lifted I, by Margaret Ashman 2014, photoetching, 22 x 26 cm.

Here’s the press release:

Margaret Ashman’s series ‘Lifted’ concerns signing and gesture which resonate in us because of their origins as the roots of language. Many artists have created distinctive art practices based around the physical embodiment of language and text. Ashman’s art practice is heavily reliant on sign language. Giving her models texts to sign is a way of embedding language in the art work. Her small photo etchings, Lifted I, II and III, arose from a photo shoot in which the model signed the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ in BSL. The backgrounds of sky were either photographed by the artist or found images.