New Scarf for Spring

I feel like a complete traitor, but my red scarf that I photographed thousands of times, and which is the scarf in my animation, Suspiration left my possession last week Friday… I must have dropped it somewhere in Battersea. So, after a week of fruitless searching and mournful loss, I thought, ‘Well, not to worry: I can buy the exact same scarf on Whitechapel Market for £3’. So I went shopping, stood in front of the beautiful scarves, saw the same scarf as before and it didn’t feel right. It felt like I would be buying a fake of the scarf which has been to Venice, Padova and Japan with me.

IMG_2411_eSo I turned away and looked for something new. This scarf was next to the one-poun-one-poun-anybox-anybowl-anybag-one-poun stall. It also cost a pound. It is a lovely fluorescent yellow on a aqua background, and makes me laugh with its curious blend of design, day glow weirdness and functionality. Reminds me of a jellyfish out of water…




Of course, like before, I want to make both of us fly! Testing the ‘spring is sprung’ theory…