Stop frame animation using a sequence of photos has been my recent obsession. Coming to the realisation that I’m getting a bit creaky to be the one trying to fly, I have enlisted the scarf which came with me to Venice, and attempted to create a fantasy of an otherworldly presence.


This is a link to a higher resolution video- but I think it looks grainy unless you play it small.

There are no tricks, it’s  just me with a scarf and a camera on a tripod in Battersea Park. While I was making the sequence I got some curious customers including a man who wanted his portrait taken and commentary off a guy on a bike with a mask on who cycled past me and rang the bell. Several people offered to help!


Despite my comments on creaky joints, I ended up working off the morning chill with a jumping sequence anyway. I couldn’t resist it!IMG_1515IMG_1584_ee