Our recent school trip to see the Venice Biennale was full of sunshine, art and flooded piazzas. I enjoyed my first experience of the Biennale with the scale and standard of the work, some of which was uplifting and energising, and other stuff which provoked less worthy emotions.

Inspired by art, performance, videos, and nature, I seized the opportunity to make some new images. I had brought a scarf with me, from Whitechapel market, so continuing on the ghost research decided to use some of my spare time playing around with ideas of diaphonous fabric dancing above my head.

My first venue was outside the Romanian pavilion in the Giardini, a place with glorious alcove and some pretty shadows passing by. However, I became embarassed taking photos and returned to being a regular tourist after 15 minutes of playing around.



Here is a 4 second video I made of the whole sequence of photos which is funny because my feet jump around from side to side as I had to run to the camera to press the shutter each time.

The next three images were taken in Padua, in a shady arcade, 69 Via San Francesco, which looks like it used to have frescoes painted all the way along.




Here is a video I made of the Padua sequence on youtube

Back in Battersea a week later, I thought I would try this again, but on a bright sunny day, with a leafy backdrop, a fancy camera, and a tripod.




All sets of photos leave me with something to think about for the weekend…