girl_beast_1_etch_fragWell, it has been years since I made an etching. I just don’t like the slippery slidy quality of drawing onto metal with a pointy pin, but sugar lift is an etching technique which allows for a brush stroke mark. Last week was the first week of inductions at college, where I had a chance to try this technique again. IMG_0928_eIt was also interesting to learn new ways of chine-colle (pre-loading one side of the paper with a dilute solution of PVA and letting it dry before using it)…IMG_1018_eand how to make ink from scratch (it’s easier than I thought- just mix pigment powder with oil then squelch it around til it has a lovely glossy feel)…IMG_1022_eThese prints are quick sketches that I made before my patience ran out, and with no specific images in mind.



girl_beast_3_etch_eI think I was somewhat influenced by the print show of Shunga that opened at the British Museum the week before. Those prints also look at close contact between individuals, though with much much much more sex involved!