ImageSo, what happened to Costanza, the ghostly heroine of my moth movie? Well, I think all the publicity has driven her to find a quieter spot. The castle of Montefiore Conca in Rimini now only plays host to coastal winds, a spot of sun-kissed dust, and a few day trippers who climb the stone stairs to look for drama.

On my last trip to the castle, I wanted to explore another ghostly presence in this magnificent building, so I photographed my shirt dancing in the space. ImageOf course it’s all another fiction, compromised by my lack of fancy camera.

ImageNext I tried animating the gloriously echoing emperor’s chamber with a mysterious scarf.


IMG_8334_e IMG_8336_e


Then finally I thought a winged cape would be best for atmospheric ghostliness, which turned out to be the case.DSC_0131_e



I just wish I had better photography skills to do this project really well…