This is a remake of a print I made a while ago based on a film I saw on an in-flight movie from China, that I watched without subtitles. The film was black and white, full of sweeping perspectives and in my imagination and  jet-lagged state seemed to portray some kind of dramatic love triangle.

In my version of the plot, the main character was a professional hitman, looking back at his life and about to drink the wine of forgetfulness. As he drinks, he tells his story before it is erased from his memory. He says that once there was a beautiful woman who was married to a powerful and arrogant man. She is trapped in the relationship and in desperation goes to see the hitman and asks him to do something terrible- to kill her husband. She says that she suspects him of being unfaithful, and that he should avenge her honour. The hitman refuses to do such a thing, and she spends days waiting outside his house for him to change his mind. Perhaps she sees the hitman as a romantic saviour and begins to fall in love with him. Soon, the husband comes to visit. He requests something terrible, that the hitman kill his wife, as he suspects her of being unfaithful and that he must avenge his honour…

I can’t remember what happens next… I think it all comes down to a sticky end.

Anyway yesterday I added a blue and white background scene from the Chinese Garden in Portland. The print is a 3 colour linocut 15 x 20 cm on Japanese paper.

By the way, did anyone ever see Hieronymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights? It’s teeming with people and fantastical animals particularly in the middle panel- naked couples cavorting with huge strange fruits, transparent orbs, birds that swim and fish that walk on land– a portrayal of paradise… Something else to think about with regard to gardens.