Hot off the press is my motto, and here is a sneak insight into the book I am working on for a show that opens at the Westminster Library next Saturday 22nd June.

The title of the show is Unending, which is a theme that has resonated with me for the past year, ever since the proposal was made. Taken from a lyrical piece of text about an unending library from Borges, I took to thinking about an unending forest, thus the forest prints were born.

Here are two linocuts of two different forests, one in Hackney and the other in Aberystwyth. The one in Hackney was made after the surprise snow that filled Londoners’ hearts with glee one magical weekend in January. The Aberystwyth print was made towards the close of the Moon show.



I thought it would be interesting to combine the two forests in an accordion book such that they cannot ever be viewed in their entirety without the viewer moving around. The scene only joins up when you open the book and peer at it at a certain angle, much like those anamorphic paintings from Holbein’s day. The forests too have been split so that they are back to back on the same piece of paper, so the memory of the forest on one side of the book has to be joined up mentally with the forest on the other side…

All in all, a creation of a fantasy!

Here are some pictures of the final book. The title is embossed on the front and back covers, and cryptically reversed to encourage you to view the other side. When you fold the pages out, the landscape looks confusing; it is only when you move to the right angle that the trees line up.








If you are in London- please come along! The show was extended for another two weeks so now runs until 27 July, Westminster Reference Library, 35 St Martin’s Street, London WC2H 7HP