I know the opening is … hmmm, less than a few hours away… and the work is not all up yet, but here is a sneak preview!

I’ve got some forest prints on two sets of glass doors on the way to the gallery, and forest prints beyond so the effect is very much a procession into a different tangled place. This is a prototype of the installation.

The forest prints were a bit large for the space so we had to improvise a way of hanging them

Here are the boys, from left, Ben, Tom and Phil, helping hang a tree.

The Mask prints fit nicely in a row at the far end of the gallery

Here is Neil Holland, curator of the school of art gallery, putting up the Lucid Mask prints

and Andrew McPherson installing his amazing magnetic resonator device in the grand piano. (We’ve decided that magnetic resonator piano was a mouthful and that it should be called a g-string device instead!)


Just have to get the rest of the stuff up before this evening…