The stranglehold fascination with black and white is relenting. Last week when I was in Italy teaching (in the haunted castle in Montefiore Conca) I made a water based woodblock with imagery inspired from my recent book Swallow Span which I have called Swallow Double Wing. It’s for a portfolio called Common Space which will be shown in Illinois later in the year. The colours are a bit primary, but I enjoyed the emotional shift you get with colour over black and white… Hmmm, this is something to ponder.

Meanwhile, I’m just putting together some ideas for the Al-Mutanabbi Street project curated by Beau Beausoleil and Sarah Bodman. The project is a call to book artists over the world to make work that responds to a car bomb that exploded on the Iraqi street in March 2007, killing 26 and destroying many book shops and businesses in the area. I’ve been folding paper and cutting up old prints, and collaborating with Ingrid Schrieder, a South African poet. Will upload imagery when it’s nearer completion!