East London Printmakers have an annual summer show, and this is the 14th one. We decided to celebrate the Olympics as we can practically see the Olympic site from here, and this is particularly possible from the gallery which will host our show, which is located in the Olympic park.

There has been much laughter about how the word Printathon resembles the phrase “print a thong” and lots of knicker and nappy jokes have been flying around… I’m showing a piece I did in collaboration with photographer Paul Weaver, proposing that the Olympics include the sport of Flight, and how it should be judged.

With 65 artists, there are going to be a lot of inspired, ambitious, humorous and aspirational pieces on show, so if you are around in the next month, please come and check it out. The party is on the 7th June from 6-9pm, venue Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, and you are all welcome, bring your friends!