I’m having a solo show in Ludlow from the 5th to 26th May,  Material Gallery, Corve Street, Ludlow. This is the cutest market town in the UK!

Come on by and see old and new works on paper and in book and animation format. I’ll be there for the party on the 4th May from 6-8pm. Would be lovely to see you there.

I’m hoping to finish a new book called “Swallow” by then as well. Been carving and printing it in lino all week, but it has been taking many dark twists and turns, and I’m not sure if it will be finalised by then.

For now I will show you one of the page spreads from the book here:

Anyhow, looking forward to seeing any of you who can make it, and for those who can’t I wil put photos up here soon.