In all the excitement of making books I forgot to mention that I will be visiting China for the 3rd Qijiang International Print show, to be held in Chongqing 23-28th November. I will be going with lots of lovely artists including some of my heroes, and I am looking forward to our mini symposium and chance to meet many printmakers from all over the world and China itself.

We have confirmed attendance from David Barker, Nicholas Brown, Karen Butler, Wayne Crothers, Jon Goebel, Heather Huston, Guy Langevin,  Yili Li, Kang Ning, Marica Rizzato, Annika Romeyn, Ema Shin, and Francisco Souto.  I hope to put some pictures here soon!

Have a look at the website for more information.

Actually the picture above is not from Chongqing, a megapolis of 28 million people which has just incorporated Qijiang into its district, but from a cute little village near Dali in Southwestern China that I visited the last time I went in 2009.