Handmade and Bound is a super cool, fun and friendly artist book and zine fair, and this will be the second time I take part. I’m making books so quickly at the moment that there is a strong smell of burning laser toner in the corner of my bedroom! I’ve revamped Devour into a mini laser printed book, am working on a new book about my family, and reprinting old favourites too. If you are around, please join us at St Bride’s, Bride Lane, London, on Sunday 20th November at 12-6pm.

If it’s anything like last year, there’s going to be lots of cake too!!!

(By the way, I’ve yet to go through my pictures from my travels, but here is one: my 7th Uncle showing me a picture of my 3rd Aunty when she was a carefree happy 25 year old bride… Now she sits at home all day watching TV. I really wish I could speak Chinese so that we could connect more… My next challenge I guess!)