Two years after the last Qijiang International Print Festival, and I’ve been asked to help out with the next festival. This is exciting, though again, at VERY short notice… Weimin He and I have invited Professor David Barker to join the team as he is a fantastic printmaker, and has an in-depth knowledge of Chinese prints. Come on international artists, we want to show China the level of ambition, imagination and talent that is out there here in the West!

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PS this print is from the China Love series I made in 2006 and has nothing to do with the selection criteria of the prints for this next show at all!

Update, we just spent a crazy long day looking at all the work! Was very exciting to check out some beautiful prints and argue merits and demerits of each. Three people is a good number for healthy debate… The Muban Foundation hosted the selection and we still have a lot of work to do, but I was encouraged by the high standard and range of submissions and techniques. Of course an online digital submission is never going to be as accurate and viewing real prints with real paper, but for this, we’d need a bit more time. Quite a bit more time! But a nice idea for future selections, I hope.