I feel very guilty that while I was larking around in the Tate printroom last month, a devastating earthquake and tsunami were shaking up the very fabric of Japan. Having lived in Japan for almost 4 years I would like to do something to help with the relief efforts, and have been printing a series of fundraiser prints which will be sold at various venues, including the Daiwa foundation on the 14th April at 5-6pm during a reception they have for a talk on pop culture, and on a website called http://www.printsforjapan.blogspot.com . Alternatively you can contact me directly for availability.

The 9 prints in the series are all of people I drew when I used to take the Keihan Train from Osaka to Kyoto in 1998 when I was a language student. I used to admire the green upholstery and the neat detailing of the carriages, and be filled with excitement about the trip to the city of my dreams. The people I drew include a man in a suit on his cell phone, a neat and tidy kimono grandma, a punky schoolgirl putting mascara on, and a monk with billowing robes.

All of them are vinyl block prints measuring 10 x 15 cm printed by hand on stockwell cartridge paper, and they are selling for £30 each (plus P&P) of which £20 will go to the British Red Cross.

I will post some more pictures here soon, but for now, here is the monk: