I think it was over a year and a half ago when we first went to the Freud Museum in NW London to discuss having a show in this beautiful house. Certainly, the theme of dreams resonated strongly with me, as I was working on the sleeper prints at the time, and was completely obsessed with sleep and sleep movements as I think I must have been sleep deprived!

Last year: in 2010, I made a print a week for the first 29 weeks, and these prints finally became the animation Lucid Mask which has been installed in the museum on the first floor landing. The animation is playing on a digital frame which is located underneath a forbidding portrait of Sigmund himself, on an antique desk with a wooden stool where you can sit and plug into the music and watch the piece.

I’m very pleased to be part of this show of work by East London Printmakers, as there are many strong and beautiful works of art that fit seamlessly into the fabric of the building. My favourite pieces include Katherine Jones’ sculptural mobile with silhouetted and abstract houses, dresses and organic shapes on the landing, and Liz Collini’s box of crumpled dreams, silvery printed text on fine paper which make billowing semi translucent shapes in a perspex case, located in the lounge with the famous couch. Katy Goutefangea made a beautiful series of books from prints off embroidered pillowcases, each displaying a line from a related dream or nightmare, and printed with ghostly grey inks on crisp tissue. Marta Claret painted over various pages of a text of Freud’s with adorably sweet depictions of savage wolf and child imagery, providing a comical diversion from the solidity and seriousness of the half obliterated words.

I am really proud of how the work in the show uses  printmaking as a vehicle  for eloquent and expressive ideas, jumping out of the two dimensional illustration in many instances where appropriate, rather than being slave to the technique and processes of the medium.

For more information, please see the Freud Museum’s website http://www.freud.org.uk/exhibitions/74033/dreams/

It’s on until 10th April 2011.