Chasing Tales is a solo show of work by artist Wuon-Gean Ho. Created over the past four  years, the show includes original prints, hand made artist books and a stop motion  animation.

The broad themes in the show are in exploring the surface, and revealing what is beneath. A  strong sense of narrative; looking at the identities attached to the face and clothing; and  portraying the space between individuals, link the works in the show.

In the Mask series of prints: large luminous silkscreen prints from 2008, faces are filled with  objects and emotions, and the features of the face are sometimes hidden beneath the    landscapes that they depict. Prints that form the frames of the animation, Lucid Mask,  continue this theme, showing faces that are like windows to another world. When the  individual prints are viewed in the animation, they become a turning, blinking, disembodied  head on which a dreamscape has been projected.

Linocuts from the series Shadow Dance show a procession of empty clothes, headless yet solid, floating on a ghostly grey background and bringing to mind the dress of the Victorian era. These prints portray clothes as abandoned husks, yet in formal photographic poses and with symmetrical relationships. The horizontal line strokes that make up the images recall a grainy televised image. In some, stories can be seen half hidden, almost woven into the folds of the garments.

Artist books made of linked prints provide a sculptural sequence to the works in series. One of them, a double accordion construction of 2m wide called Bamboo Dream shows a silvery monochromatic interior with two sleeping figures who interleave with each other as the book folds close. Another, Devour, shows the progression and seduction of a beast by a ravenous girl.

The show is located in the West Yorkshire Print Workshop, and is a print show that printmakers will enjoy for its range of surprising techniques. Engraved linocut prints resemble etchings, relief linocut prints mimic enormous wood engravings, and silkscreen prints combine the carved line with a brushstroke and mono print technique.

The show runs from 18th February to 24th March 2011

Private view and artist talk on Saturday 26th February 2011, 5pm-7pm

West Yorkshire Print Workshop 75A Huddersfield Road  Mirfield, WF14 8AT

Tel 01924 497646  :: ::

Here are some installation shots of the show…