More fun travels: I was invited to Liverpool to be part of the Global Studio exhibition at the Bluecoat Gallery, which opened on the 8th April and runs through to the 20th June. For more information have a look here:

A viewer to the show ( has just posted this about the work ” The stunningly intricate screenprints of Japan’s Wuon Gean Ho attempt an exploration of self in a series of prints hung in succession, like a colour-saturated series of MRI scans, only, perhaps, even more illuminating (Ten Masks). The scars of experience, after all, are only something art can attempt to capture.”

I don’t think I’ve been to Liverpool for almost 20 years, but this recent trip has reminded me how beautiful and exciting a city it is.

I was impressed by the scale of the buildings and the open spaces, especially that near the huge expanses of water. I don’t think I’ve let my eye rest at such a far horizon point as these past few days, having been in the big city for what feels like a little too long.

The highlights of the trip were two wonderful exhibitions: 19th Century early photographs of China by John Thompson; and a sculpture exhibition at the Tate Liverpool, that took an overview of conventional object making in two and three dimensions all the way through to performative body related works.

I did a quick site specific performance in front of the fabulous piece by Richard Wilson called Turning the Place Over, a rotating hole cut out of a derelict building opposite the Moorfields Station downtown. Once I get a new printer, I’ll be making it into a flip book!