My good friend Katja has been coordinating this show of prints based on fairytales, and now she has been asked by her local council to get people into writing legends and myths of their own, based on the images from our show. Have a look at the website for more details and to see my print:

Mask Ka

Chinese folklore
Screenprint, 76x65cm, edition of 10

My mother told me that everyone is born with an invisible red thread that connects people by the ankle to their destined love.
In Mask Ka there are two lovers who hide in the face’s cheeks, sleeping one above the other on a train sleeper. He’s looking at her because he is aware of the thread, but she does not realise that they are yet connected, and faces away.

The print itself explores the notion that humans have more to their surface appearance than meets the eye. In each of us, as we walk through life, we accumulate memories: ghosts; attachments and connections; preferences for the past and expectations for the future. I wanted to express inner emotions, true histories; in effect, faces stripped of the mask of social pretences.